Liquid is a symbol of movement and constant change. Fire is a symbol of life. By combining these two elements, we have created an extraordinary light. Lamp, you love. Meet EDIE.


EDIE is impressive lighting design based on the light source placed in the liquid. The light source is in fluid moves freely and rays, through which liquid, break and respond to the slightest movement. Luminaire by gaining mystery, attractions and fun. The look is live and organic. EDIE is also beautiful even when turned off.


The liquid is able to take any shape and therefore EDIE is practically unlimited in form. It can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, colors and materials. The light source can then be anything from incandescent glow over, halogen bulbs, saving lamps to LED lamps. Limitations, that is needed to comply with very little.


EDIE is not an ordinary lamp. It is a residential design complement, that will make you happy all my life and that will never cease to entertain.