Be connected whenever possible, use all the free WiFi, share passwords for protected hotspots, save precious GSM data.

You can enter password for protected WiFi and this password will be shared with other users. Wifi Passwords Share checks periodically for new passwords in the central database, therefore you will not have to enter passwords if you visit a place where somebody else was before you.

You can always have your apps synchronized when walking in the city even without GSM data. Wifi Passwords Share is perfect for tablets which often don’t have GSM module. It is also extremely useful for travellers, because free WiFi is almost everywhere but not always easy to find.

Wifi Passwords Share does not interfere with system WiFi, it will try to connect to saved WiFi first if available.

Wifi Passwords Share is designed to be very light on resources and to be working silently in background. You can let it running and it will automatically search for WiFi and connect you whenever it will be possible.

We tried to keep the app as simple as possible.There is no useless map, no freaky interface with bazillion options, no spyware, no problems. It does not need your GPS location or personal data. It does not use your stored WiFi passwords in any way, it only uses passwords entered directly in the app. When you want to kill the app then use the X (exit) menu option, otherwise it will run in background.